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Doberman Care Guide

So you are thinking about getting a Doberman Pinscher or are a new owner and are curious on some of the things you need to do make sure your Dobie is healthy and happy. We offer some tips and things to consider when caring for a Doberman.

Select a Veterinarian

One of the first things you should do is choose a local vet that is close and that you feel comfortable with. Being close is important for emergency situations and to make the trips more tolerable for your Doberman. A good veterinarian will be important to go to on a scheduled basis for required shots and checkups and can also offer advice on diet and other health problems that may arise.


Feeding your Doberman and providing enough water at all times is one of the most important and basic things you can do. An insufficient diet could affect your Dobermans overall health and cause behavior problems. Selecting the right dry food can be a difficult process. You want to take the vet's advice and also find a food that your dog Doberman likes to eat.

Generally a good dry food will provide all of the necessary nutrients but there are exceptions. Puppies will start on a different type of dry food that has more of what they need and transition to an Adult food once they have reached full size. Your vet can help you determine when it is right to switch if you are unsure.

It is important to point out that there is no single best diet for every dog. Activity level and other health concerns can play a role in what your Doberman needs to eat, along with what they prefer, and just hope that they are not too picky!

Diagnosing food problems such as intolerance or allergies can be difficult so make sure to keep a close eye on your Doberman when they start a new food and take action when their behavior does not seem right or they exhibit any physical signs of a problem.



Dobermans are very active and probably require more exercise than the typical breed. Your Doberman should have an area outside that it can roam freely and safely on a regular basis. Taking the dog on walks and playing often can keep your Doberman healthy and give you a good workout as well!

Exercising your Doberman will also help keep it from becoming bored and tearing stuff up in it's environment.


Regular brushing will help your Doberman keep a shiny and healthy looking coat. Short wire brushes work very well!


Bathing does not need to be done often but there will be times when your Doberman gets into something or gets to a point where the coat is dirty enough to make it necessary. Make sure and start baths as a puppy and they will be less of an ordeal as the Doberman gets older.

It is a good idea to brush the coat before getting the coat wet and a shower or with a hose is a usually the best method. Use a dog shampoo and lather up your Dobermans coat, and then rinse the soap off carefully and rinse the head last. Make sure to rinse well and not allow soap to remain on the coat. Also be careful not to get soap in the eyes or ear canals.

An alternative to regular bathing would be to use a spray or powder to help clean the coat. These are not as good as a full bath but may help in between regular baths.

Nail Clipping

You should start nail trimming at an early age as a puppy and it will make this task much easier into your Doberman's adult life. There are many good nail clippers on the market that reduce the risk of cutting and make trimming very easy to do.

Outside Dog or Inside?

Whether you keep your Doberman inside or outside is a matter of preference but just make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep that shields them from the elements such as extreme heat or cold. Dobermans can grow to be good sized dogs so keeping them indoors at all times may not be practical. Use common sense and don't leave them out in extreme cold weather and make sure they have adequate water when the weather is warm during the summer.


Dobermans love to play and be active and good examples of toys are balls, ropes and bones. A rubber ball can be one of the best toys as they love to play fetch.

More Information About Dobermans

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