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Overview Of Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers have become one of the most popular household pets. Called simply as the ‘Doberman,’ Doberman Pinschers have the intelligence and loyalty to their masters that make them absolute favorites

People who are looking for good companion dogs will definitely love Doberman Pinschers. Parents who may be in search of dogs for their kids may also want to consider Doberman Pinschers because they do interact well with kids, even if at first glance they may be ferocious-looking. They are also good guard dogs, which is why some are utilized for police work.    

Doberman Coat Information

Most Doberman Pinschers have coats that are short yet smooth. Some, however, may have thick coats that may make them rough to the touch.  Others may also be born with gray undercoats on their necks. The most common coat color of Doberman Pinschers is black. Other coat colors include fawn, brownish yellow, etc.

How Active are Dobermans?

Those who may want active dogs may like Doberman Pinschers. They are dog breeds that require daily exercise, usually at least a minimum of one hour per day.  Without regular exercise, Doberman Pinschers may become easily ill. They also enjoy jumping activities and tend to enjoy swimming together with their owners.  

Doberman Breed Temperament

Doberman Pinschers have gentle dispositions. They are loving pets; this temperament has contributed a lot to their fame all over the world.  This dog breed is also obedient. Doberman Pinschers, however, have the tendency to fight or attack strangers, especially if their masters are placed in danger.     

People who are interested in owning dogs that are loyal and loving with great guarding skills will surely think about Doberman Pinschers.  Take note though that having a Doberman Pinscher requires time as well as your devotion because it is a breed that requires constant companionship and regular interaction with its owner.